What can hypnotherapy help with?

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While I do work very much on an individual basis, with the person rather than diagnostic labels, these are just a few of the issues or health problems hypnotherapy, NLP and EMDR can assist with:

Stop Smoking

Want to give up smoking the easy way? Then a single stop smoking hypnotherapy session could be the way forward.  Hypnotherapy can stop all urges to smoke, leaving you instantly free of cravings and with the happy, healthy mindset of a non smoker.


Emotional Health Issues

Are intense emotions, phobias, relationship problems or difficult life events affecting you?  Hypnotherapy can offer support and positive change.

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Drug or Alcohol Use

Need help with addiction, or simply want to cut down on your drinking?

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Personal Development

Want to enhance your career?  Want to develop greater confidence?

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Physical Health Issues

Want to feel more in control of your health and manage your symptoms?   Want to reduce pain or be free of allergies?

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Habits, Compulsions and OCD

Want to eliminate habits simply, or conquer obsessions and compulsions?

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Weight Loss and Management

Want to enjoy positive body image, gain the figure you desire and promote better health?  Want to positively alter your mindset around your diet, or overcome an eating disorder or issues with food?

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