Hypnotherapy In Bristol

Mindscape Therapies is the home of holistic hypnotherapy, EMDR, NLP and occupational therapy in Bristol, UK, for people with a wide range of issues, goals and dreams. 


I'm Kate Mortimer, and I run Mindscape.  I am a dedicated, well qualified and experienced practitioner, who continues to work as a state registered, clinical specialist, NHS professional also. I specialise in working with people with mental health and emotional health issues, and also in supporting them to gain a healthy relationship with food and lose weight, through techniques such as HypnoBand(TM), the virtual gastric band.  You can contact me on 07810 510 170 or kate@mindscapetherapies.co.uk.

I hope you find my website interesting and informative – there is a wealth of information about how hypnotherapy can help, for example, with weight loss, stopping smoking, or emotional issues such as depression, anxiety and stress.

Mindscape Therapies is based in Montpelier, Bristol BS6, is easily accessible from Central Bristol and the M32, and is just fifteen minutes walk from Broadmead and Cabot Circus. There is free on street parking available. Please click here for a map.

Mindscape welcomes people from the whole of the community, irrespective of gender, disability, class, sexual orientation or ethnicity.

Why choose Mindscape?

You will be working with an experienced clinical hypnotherapist, who is dual trained to clinical specialist and degree level in emotional/mental health and physical health issues, and has further training in a range of therapies and specialisms to meet your particular needs and ambitions. This helps ensure you get the greatest benefit possible from hypnotherapy sessions, and that you are wisely investing your time, money and energy.  My fees are also competitive at £55 per standard session.

I work with with you as an individual, rather than with any labels of 'your problem', and believe that each individual has their own powerful resources they can draw on to make their life more fulfilling, to lead the life they want, or to overcome specific difficulties. 

It's just that sometimes we have lost sight of this, or that circumstances have prevented us ever fully recognising our strengths.

I aim to support you to recognise, use and develop these skills and resources, so you feel more confident and in control long term. 

You may not be 'the problem', but you can be the solution...

I believe passionately in the benefits of the therapies I offer, having seen and experienced their power and the way in which they can enable people to find a way forward and to change their life around.  I bring this optimism and energy to my work with clients, and my faith in your own ability to make your life more positive, while acknowledging that change is not always easy, has been invaluable in supporting clients to achieve their goals.

Style of Therapy

I work holistically, using my toolkit of professional skills to offer the interventions most suited to you, as an individual.  I work flexibly and in a responsive and client centred way, to support you as you make progress and become empowered.  I will advise you what interventions would be most appropriate to support you in resolving whatever issues concern you, but will always respect your own choices.

I work from a humanistic perspective, valuing and respecting you and your experience, but draw on a wide range of philosophies and practice to meet your individual needs.  I work within the highest ethical framework, and my aim is always to provide a caring, professional and effective service, as a dedicated and dynamic therapist.

I’m told I’m gentle and respectful in my approach, but I will always be honest with you, and discuss with you openly and positively how you may move forward.

I am always happy to talk to you more about the issues which concern you, to explain in more depth the therapies I offer, and how we can work together to enable you to achieve your goals and dreams. 

Please phone, text or email me for more information (07810 510170), an informal chat, or to book your free, no obligation consultation.  I look forward to talking to you.


If clients or ex clients refer someone to me, who subsequently has at least one treatment session, I will send you £10, as I appreciate you recommending me.  I do need the person who you refer to give their permission for me to do this, because of confidentiality, however.

I offer a 10% discount to UH Bristol and North Bristol NHS Trust employees, and a 5% discount to all other NHS employees.


I've continued my commitment to giving something back to the community by volunteering for the mental health team for Festival Medical Services again in 2014.  As well as enjoying attending the festivals, such as Glastonbury and Reading, it's also great for clinical practice, as you have to think on your feet, with very few resources available.

In 2014 I completed an 8 day training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, building on prior skills.

Mindscape celebrated its eighth birthday on 28th March 2014, and I would like to thank everybody who has helped me make it a success, especially my wonderful clients.  Thank you for your support.

In July 2013 I completed my training in Sensory Attachment Intervention.

In May 2013 I taught a specialist module on EMDR at the University of the West of England, having run a very well received session the previous year too.

I now have a fully refurbished therapy room, and feel very happy about this as a (small but perfectly formed) therapeutic space.

The National Council for Hypnotherapy has recently changed its rules, so I am now able, with the clients' permission, to post client stories and testimonials on the website.  I do this anonymously to protect confidentiality.  Please click on client stories and testimonials to see these.

I have always sought feedback from clients, but am now formalising it by requesting they fill in a feedback form at the end of treatment.  Please click Mindscape Therapies Feedback Form for a form which can be emailed or posted to me.  Here is a selection of recent feedback from clients;  I hope to add more as I have only recently been permitted by the organisations I belong to to post testimonials.

In April 2012 I did a presentation to two NHS teams on EMDR which was well received.

In April 2012 I completed a specialist hypnosis birthing course - I have enjoyed using these skills and knowledge to help women and their partners have a calm and positive birth experience.

In January 2012 I attended a course on right brained, creative business techniques - fascinating and fun!

In December 2011 I completed a specialist solution focused brief therapy course on working with children, adolescents and families, building on my previous SFBT course.

Due to my qualifications and experience, the National Council for Hypnotherapy have upgraded my membership status to Accredited practitioner.

I am just beginning to study for my NLP Master Practitioner qualification, having used NLP effectively at Practitioner level for a while now.

In November 2011 I completed further Solution Focussed Brief Therapy training, specialising in working with children, adolescents and families.

In November 2011 I completed EMDR Level 2 training for children and adolescents.  As far as I know, Mindscape is the only local business offering EMDR to the level and depth of training I have completed - please let me know if you know of anybody else, so I can make links!

In October 2011 I did a day's supervision course in EMDR, which will enable me to work towards full accreditation and eventually, consultant status.

On 16th September 2011 I ran a relaxation session for a group of 16 women with a diagnosis of breast cancer, which was a very positive experience.

I am now a member of the CNHC.  The Department of Health recommends that if you are seeking complementary therapy, including hypnotherapy, you choose a therapist who is CNHC registered.

I completed my management training program within the NHS in July 2011... but have now happily returned to purely clinical practice, which is where my heart is, though it was good experience to have led a team too.

On 7th April 2011 I did a presentation at St Katherine's School to the sixth form on hypnotherapy for exam nerves and study successThis was well received, and a great experience.

I am now a full 'Member' of the Association of Professional Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy.  This has involved me demonstrating I have a number of years in practice, and showing an ongoing commitment to supervision and training.

In October 2010, I completed the Level 1 Child and Adolescent EMDR training.

I became a licensed Hypno-Band (TM) practitioner in August 2010, and have used it extensively and successfully since.  Please contact me if you would like to know more about natural weight loss without surgery! 

Hypno Band (TM) is designed for people with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or above who are serious about reducing their weight, but I will consider each situation individually, if your BMI is below 30 (but over 25!). 

Hypno Band is conducted over four sessions, to support you to make the positive changes around eating less and eating more healthily become part of your life.  As well as the Hypno Band specific MP3s/CDs I will give you for free as part of your treatment, you will also receive a free copy of my own weight loss MP3/CD.

In July 2010, I completed refresher training in EMDR, and also completed two clinical supervision courses.

In December 2009, I successfully completed my Anxiety Specialist certification, and did additional training and study in NLP.

In November 2009, I completed courses on Mindfulness, and Tai Chi Skills.

In October 2009 I completed training in Case and Clinical Supervision, and Working with Teenagers.

In August 2009 I completed a course in Groupwork practice.

In March 2009 I completed Level 1 training in EFT.  I was impressed with the results from practising the technique during the course, and am considering going on to train at Practitioner level, so I have additional skills and resources to offer clients.

I trained in Solution Focused Brief Therapy in October 2008; it was a useful course which I am putting into practice... much of the theory and practice of it comes from Eriksonian hypnosis. 

I'm constantly updating my skills, so please ask if you're not sure if I can help you with any particular issue.

General sessions last for fifty minutes each, and are £55.

Stop smoking sessions last for two hours, including a 20 minute free consultation, and cost £110.

NHS employees will receive a 5% discount on session costs, or 10% if they work for UH Bristol or North Bristol NHS Trusts.

I offer evening, and occasionally Saturday appointments.

I'd like to share how hypnotherapy has helped me personally.  It can be easy to lose sight of the gains we've made...

I can genuinely say it has changed my life for the better!

For example, in October 2008 I flew in and out of Juancho E Yuarsquin Airport, on the beautiful Caribbean island of Saba, the shortest commercial runway in existence, surrounded by cliffs and sea, dubbed 'the scariest landing in the world', and loved it, having once been terrified of flying!  While we were there, we also hiked up through the rainforest and cloud forest to the top of the 3000 metre Mount Scenery, something I would not once have been able to do, having had a life long fear of heights.  I credit self hypnosis with enabling me to do this; I hadn't even done any specific work on my fear of flying or heights at the time, but hypnotherapy has helped me be much calmer and more positive in all sorts of situations.


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