Dear Ladies,

Here is a reminder of some of what we covered in the session.  If any of you have any feedback about it, any suggestions, or would like to talk to me further, please feel free to contact me.

Kindest regards,



Deep breathing/Body Relaxation

So begin by resting somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed, and close your eyes. Then take some deep breaths, in through your nose, out through your mouth if that’s comfortable, holding your breath for a moment then breathing out a little more slowly than you breathed in. Just notice how you’re feeling in your body; is there anywhere that’s already relaxed? Anywhere that could do with a bit more comfort? Just imagine that relaxation circulating your body with the oxygen as you breathe, radiating out from anywhere that’s already really comfortable to anywhere that needs it. Then begin relaxing each and every muscle group in your body, imagining those muscles softening, relaxing, releasing... from your toes and feet... to your calves and shins... to your thighs and hips... all the way along your back... and to the muscles either side of your spine. Just letting the breath relax your stomach muscles... and breathing relaxation into your chest... Relaxing your neck muscles, the back and the front and particularly the sides of your neck... Letting that relaxation unwind all the tiny little muscles in your scalp... Letting your jaw relax and release... letting all your facial muscles soften and become comfortable... that relaxation flowing on up into your forehead... then meeting at the top of your head... and you’re completely surrounded by it now... just continuing to breathe it through your body on the next few breaths...


Special Place

Now let your mind and imagination go to somewhere that’s calming, soothing and positive for you to think about... somewhere you can relax, either from memory or imagination... really noticing your surroundings there... noticing colours... shapes... any movement or activity... noticing textures, any physical sensations... any emotions or feelings, particularly of calmness and wellbeing... Even hearing the sounds, smelling the smells of that place... making it really bright and vivid in your imagination... Finding a word or phrase that connects you with that place and the experience of relaxation... maybe something in the environment or a feeling... maybe just saying the word ‘calm’ to yourself... Then on your non writing hand, just touch your finger and thumb together, pressing it gently together and focusing on that word... that place... and because your mind makes the link between that action and that positive, calming experience, any time you want to feel more calm, yet focused and in control you can just do that... touch that thumb and finger together and those positive feelings will come back to you... Now notice a colour in the environment... and from now on, whenever you see that colour, because your mind links it with that calming, positive experience... you will feel calm and a sense of wellbeing...


Bubble of Protection

Now, imagine a light source, perhaps the sun or a pure beam of light shining down from above... that light stands for everything that’s good in life... love, tranquillity, achievement of dreams... that light is shining on the crown of your head all the way down your body... and as it flows through you it’s filling you up with all those wonderful things... making you feel at peace... and that light is a pure source of energy, the whole universe, including us as living beings is made up of energy... and it can be really helpful to imagine those energies around you... for your highest benefit... to give you whatever you most need, be it calming, soothing energy... positive, vibrant energy... strengthening, motivating energy... now draw a protective bubble of energy around you... from under the soles of your feet... up the back, front and sides of your body... till it meets over the top of your head... and you’re completely surrounded by it now... and let it seal itself or seal it with something special to you... it can be really helpful to imagine this protective bubble around you in the morning before you even get out of bed... to sustain you for the day... and act as a buffer against the stresses and strains of the outside world... it doesn’t stop you interacting with others or the world... because you can choose what to let into it... and more importantly, what to give out...


The Box

Close your eyes... and imagine a large, empty open box on the floor down to one side of you... Now offload anything you don’t want or need at the moment... into the box... just offloading as many stresses, strains, pressures and hurts as you can find... imagine them physically leaving your body... and emotionally, leaving your mind... just telling them you want them, that negative energy out of your body and mind... When you’re done, seal the box... then decide how you’re going to get rid of it or destroy it... you can completely destroy it... you can give it to me and I’ll get rid of it... you can store it somewhere safe where is can never be disturbed or opened... however you choose... then just imagine yourself doing whatever you need to do...


Forward Pacing

Imagine yourself in the future... feeling good, on every level... physical, spiritual, emotional and mental... Notice what you’re doing at that time... Maybe it’s a special occasion or milestone you’ve been looking forward to... Notice where you are, who you’re with... How you look... See what you see through your eyes... notice colours in the environment and brighten them up... Feel what you feel... Hear what you hear there... Notice that things are different, better... in whatever way is achievable and realistic for you... Notice that it’s a good time... when you’re able to focus away from any problems.